About Mathoun

About Mathoun

Welcome to Mathoun!

We are excited if you open this page, that means you are tempting to know more about us. We are love to list many things about math, yes MATH (or mathematic). At first glance, we want to use Physics to our name, but Math looks better. The products are many math symbols anyway, that makes us to choose math as the name.

So, why oun? It is simple, that means locate. So locate the math, that is what we trying to say. Actually, it is a motto. Locate the math stuff!

There are many Math stuff that available on Mathoun, which divided as two categories. The first one is general math stuff, like accessories, pod stuff or any stuff that printed. The second is toy math stuff, which usefull for children. Most of the stuff listed on Mathoun is shipping covered. This is can be changed without notice, please read our TOS and privacy policy to make it clear.

At the end, we wish you have a great shopping day!